5 Reasons to Use Corrugated Plastic Sheeting for Your Next Sign or Display Project

corrugated plastic sheeting

Need an economical sign that is also durable, waterproof and incredibly lightweight?

Corrugated plastic sheeting has become so common in the sign and display industry that ironically, many think of it as “cheap” or “tacky” due to its near ubiquitous usage. It certainly is “everywhere” but does that make it a poor choice as the substrate for your sign project? Here are 5 reasons it’s as popular as it is. 

1) Durability and Versatility

Corrugated plastic sheeting is one of the most durable and versatile substrates available when we consider how thin it is, how ridiculously light weight it is and given just those 2 characteristics, how unbelievably robust it is. If you are like many people who rightfully believe that throw-away plastic products are just a bad idea, I assure you, corrugated plastic sheeting is not at all in that group of products. In many cases, corrugated plastic signs can last for years in even the most inclement of weather. Certainly, more traditional sign substrates like wood or metal have an initial appeal of durability which is fair enough but a year or two down the road may tell a different story. 

2) Weather and Chemical Resistance

Corrugated plastic sheeting is robust enough as a sign substrate to merit consideration, and its resistance to a long list of environmental effects makes it even more impressive. Inclement weather has virtually no effect on corrugated plastic. It won’t warp, crack, curl, peel, rust, swell, or discolour from simple moisture. While it is somewhat sensitive to light and heat, this can often be mitigated by framing or shielding it from direct sunlight. Applying a UV film laminate can also help protect against UV and thermal damage.

3) Easy to Work With

An essential characteristic of any good sign substrate is its “tool-ability”; can it be easily and effectively cut, drilled, shaped, manipulated, glued, screwed, nailed, clamped, punched, grommeted and repeatedly cleaned with harsh cleaners? Corrugated plastic is amenable to all these workings. Durable as it is, most tradespeople cut corrugated plastic with a knife! Corrugated plastic sheets come in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and colours which greatly expands its potential in diverse applications 

4) Lightweight

A critical consideration for any sign or display is its weight. Signs and displays that are too heavy add stress to whatever is supporting them. Heavy substrates can sag under their own weight. In the sign business, “bigger is better” is very often true, so overweight signs and displays are something we need to watch out for. There’s also the issue of just carrying your sign or display from point A to point B. Few substrates of any significant dimension which are not merely “throw-away” can compare to the feather weight density of corrugated plastic.

5) Cost-Effectiveness

Finally, there’s the cost to consider. With all the positive attributes we’ve mentioned, surely this amazing material can’t be economical also? Incredibly, it’s just that. The cost of corrugated plastic sheeting – in-spite of its near perfect sign scorecard – is not affordable or competitive or even reasonable, it’s just plain cheap.  It’s no mystery why it’s ubiquitous in general and why your local sign shop probably buys it by the pallet. 

Corrugated plastic has limitations, of course, and it’s not the right choice for every application, but in this time of rising prices, it’s worth a look to see if it might just work for you and your next sign or display project.


Minimax uses many different substrates to accommodate the needs of our clients, with corrugated plastic sheeting among them. We typically inventory 4 and 6mm white sheets and from time to time we carry heavier 13mm as well as different colours on occasion.

Coroplast signs are a versatile and cost-effective signage solution perfect for a variety of applications. Made from the corrugated plastic sheeting we stock, these signs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use due to their weather resistance and lightweight properties. 

Whether you need temporary signage for events, directional signs, or permanent displays, our coroplast signs offer high visibility and easy installation. Give us a call today to see what substrate options are available for your next sign or display project!

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