File Uploads

Please upload and transfer large files through DropBox, Google Drive or other platform.

Links to files can be sent to:

Production files will be processed in a timely fashion.

Please include a .jpg rendering.



  • All fonts should be converted to curves (paths or outlines)
  • Strip all colour profiles.
  • Flatten layers.
  • Please include only files that are going to be printed.
  • Please label files so they are identifiable.
  • For layouts to be enlarged or reduced, specify a scaling ratio – not an output size.
  • If a layout contains bleeds, include crop and cut marks.
  • If a layout is composed of multiple panels, do not split into separate files or layouts – we have software designed to perform the function for final output. Please include crop and cut marks where applicable.
  • When saving a file, do not use the compression option. You may use compression when preparing the saved file for transfer (.sit, .rar, .zip) to our ftp site.
  • When sending files include a low resolution jpeg via email to confirm file layout. (pdf files do not always provide an accurate representation).
  • If Raster elements are part of the artwork:
    • They should be embedded,
    • They should be provided at actual imprint size,
    • They should be from 125 DPI or higher source documents at the output size.


  • PDF
  • EPS
  • Adobe Illustrator – AI
    • Version 10 or higher
  • CorelDraw – CDR
    • Version 10 or higher

Note: These formats are also acceptable for art that contains both raster/bitmap art and vector art in the same graphics file.


  • JPG at final imprint size
  • TIFF at final imprint size


The following formats explicitly do not comply with Production Ready Art Standards and if submitted, will incur cleanup charges. This is not a comprehensive list, rather a list of the most common unacceptable formats:

  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Publisher
  • Scans of logo or Letterhead/business cards
  • Page layout files (Quark, PageMaker, InDesign)
  • GIF
  • WMF


Preferred professional graphics software:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDraw X3


Acceptable professional graphics software:

  • Adobe Illustrator 10 or higher
  • CorelDraw 10 or higher
  • Latest version of Photoshop


  1. Send artwork via upload page:
  2.  No compression for files under 4 megabytes
  3. Include:
    Production Ready Email Information:



  1. Subject: Artwork for PO # XXXXXX
  2. Company name & address
  3. Contact person for this art
  4. PO # and/or reference #
  5. Phone number for questions on this art
  6. Email for questions on the art



  1. jpg rendering of artwork
  2. Brief description of the art
  3. Size of art

Minimax Media Graphic Service Offering

Our Service offering is intended to support you in the preparation of your work to produce the best possible result at the best possible price.


Soft Proofs … A jpg rendering

This service lets you view your proposed work as it appears to our production department. It is called “soft” because it is only intended as a check on layout, spelling and general sense of the work rather than a real copy of the actual output. Soft proofs are recommended as a minimum check on any work and should be combined with Hard Copy proofs whenever the work is either first-time run or colour critical.

Soft Proof Jpgs per rendering $15 each


Hard Copy Proofs/ Prototypes … A sample of your work

This service lets you see your work in the real world using any number of different criteria from a full size actual representation to a reduced miniature version or in some cases a mere strip of the output for the purposes of viewing bitmap resolution. Hard Copy Proofs or Prototypes can be on the actual output material and substrate or a substitute material depending on the need. Hard Copy Proofs and Prototypes vary in cost depending on the output selection.

Hard Copy Proofs start at $50 each


File Conversions to a printable file

Converting your file from any number of different formats or platforms.

Starting at $15 per conversion


File/Prep Work … Renderings, Layouts, Manipulations and Changes

Where possible, this service is provided when a simple layout, manipulation or change to a file can expedite the production process.

File work may or may not be available in every case, depending on the source of the files, the file owner and or the software used to create the work. Multiple rendering of any project will entail a fee.

File/Prep Work fee per hour $100 with a $30 minimum


Installations … Working at your location

Our installation fees are $75 per man hour plus any hardware necessary to accomplish the work.


Packaging and Shipping … Getting your project to you

We do not hide the cost of packaging or shipping in our quoted prices. If you need these services we charge for them. If not, we don’t.