Custom Printed Event Tents: Essential Element in Corporate Branding

Why Custom Event Tents?

In the realm of corporate branding, custom printed event tents have evolved into a vital tool for companies engaged in outdoor events. These tents not only facilitate significant corporate branding opportunities due to their large graphic area but also offer essential shelter, making them a dual-purpose asset for businesses.

Impressive Branding Capabilities

The custom printed event tents stand out for their impressive size, offering a substantial graphic area even in the standard 10′ X 10′ size. This allows businesses to showcase large corporate branding graphics effectively, a feat often challenging in outdoor venues such as open fields or parking lots.

Shelter and Comfort

Beyond branding, these tents provide shelter, a feature especially appreciated during inclement weather. The convenience of setting up an event tent in about 5 minutes, coupled with the minimal effort required for its erection and disassembly, underscores their utility and popularity as a marketing device.

Advantages in Messaging and Branding

The most significant advantage of custom event tents is the expansive area available for messaging and branding. The combination of a pitched top and valances significantly increases the graphic area, rivaling even that of many highway billboards. When walls are added, this surface area expands further, offering unparalleled visibility for your brand’s message.

Customization and Design Options

Range of Sizes and Shapes

Custom event tents come in an array of sizes and shapes, accommodating various branding and shelter needs. Basic tents typically include a printed top, a frame for securing the tent, and a nylon wheeled carrying case for easy transport.

Wall Options for Enhanced Branding

Offering full or half-size walls that can be printed on one or both sides, these tents provide additional branding opportunities. The versatility of wall attachments, including Velcro and zippers, allows for easy installation and removal, tailoring the tent’s setup to specific event needs.

Themes and Graphics: Tailoring Your Brand Presence

When it comes to custom printed event tents, the ability to tailor themes and graphics to your brand is unparalleled. Whether you’re attending trade shows, outdoor events, or any promotional activity, a customized tent acts as a beacon for your brand. 

Utilizing dye sublimation for sublimation print methods, we ensure your logos, messages, and colors are vibrant and fade-resistant, with UV protection to maintain the tent’s appearance for years. This high-quality printing technology embeds your design into the fabric, making it water-resistant and fire retardant, ensuring both safety and durability.

High-Quality Printing Techniques: Ensuring Lasting Impact

Our custom canopy tents are not only functional but also visually striking, thanks to state-of-the-art printing techniques. Our process ensures your tent will stand out with sharp, high-resolution images that are integral to the fabric, avoiding peeling or fading. Whether it’s bold colors for a printed tent or detailed graphics on full walls and table covers, our focus is on creating durable, high-quality promotional tools that withstand various outdoor conditions.

With commercial-grade materials and fire retardant, water-resistant fabric, your event tent is not just a shelter but a professional, branded space ready to make an impact.

Setting Up Your Event Tent: A Quick and Easy Guide

Setting up your tent at trade shows or outdoor events is designed to be straightforward and efficient, ensuring you can focus on engaging your audience rather than installation complexities. Here’s a simple guide to setting up your pop up canopy tent:

  1. Location: Select a flat, unobstructed area to place your tent. For outdoor events, ensure the ground is solid enough to secure the tent properly.
  2. Unpack: Carefully remove the tent frame and top from the carry bag.
  3. Expand the Frame: With the help of a team member, gently pull the legs apart to partially open the frame. Place it in the desired position.
  4. Attach the Top: Drape the custom printed top over the frame. Ensure the corners align properly with the frame’s corners. Securely fasten the top to the frame using the attached Velcro strips to prevent any movement.
  5. Raise the Frame: Extend each leg until the frame is fully opened. Most pop up canopy tents have telescopic legs that snap into place at your desired height.
  6. Secure the Tent: Utilize ground stakes to anchor the tent if you’re on soft ground, or sandbags if you’re on a harder surface. This step is crucial for ensuring your tent remains stable in various weather conditions.
  7. Add Accessories: Attach any full walls, banner stands, or table covers to enhance your branding space. These accessories, also employing sublimation print techniques, are perfect for complementing your tent and offer additional branding opportunities.
  8. Final Checks: Walk around the tent to make sure everything is secure. Check for any loose elements that need adjusting and ensure that your branding is visible and eye-catching from all angles.

The turnaround time for setting up should be minimal with practice, leaving you more time to prepare for the day’s activities. By following these steps and leveraging the custom printed capabilities of your tent, you’re set to create a memorable presence at any trade show or outdoor event, rain or shine.

MiniMax Tents: The Ultimate Choice for Custom Event Tents

MiniMax’s range of custom printed event tents includes sizes of 10’ by 10’, 10’ by 15’, and 10’ by 20’, available with or without skirts or walls. Utilizing 500 denier fabric that is both CPAI-84% fire retardant approved and UV fade resistant, coupled with durable aluminum frames, MiniMax tents are designed for commercial use, offering full-color graphics on the front and/or back for maximum branding impact.

Whether for branding prominence or providing shelter, custom printed event tents are an indispensable tool in outdoor corporate events, perfectly blending visibility with utility. Are you ready to amplify your brand’s presence at your next event? Let’s discuss your needs and find the perfect custom tent solution for you.


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